Conscious Cravers Presents: The Appetizing Arts Exhibit (artists call)

Are you an artist who likes to eat? Have you ever considered the idea that food is the fuel for your artistic expression? Well, Conscious Cravers and The Rising Arts (TRA) Gallery invite you to submit work for the Appetizing Arts Exhibit! Click here to download a PDF of the prospectus.

Submissions due: October 3rd

Artists Reception:November 13th

Exhibition Dates: November 13th-December 12th

Read on to find out more about this event and Conscious Cravers!


As Conscious Cravers, we create food and wellness workshops and learning events for teens and adults at a variety of places including schools, conferences, community centers, businesses, music and art venues, non-profits and more. Over the years we attended various food events and we kept seeing the same people over and over again. We realized our message of sound food for a sound body, mind, spirit and planet was being sung to a choir of folks who were already familiar with this idea.

We decided to create events to link our message to a wider audience of people who may have never thought about food as the fuel for everything they do each day. Because we use visual and performing arts in our workshops we decided to ask artists, whom we see as the scribes of the pulse of society, to consider our message and create work from that space. The Appetizing Arts Exhibit is the first of what will be several events that link food to various forms of artistic expression. Stay Tuned!


We are performance art food educators who use interactive skits, role plays and visuals to empower people to be conscious about their cravings and gain the skills they need to take responsibility for their health. We travel throughout the New York tri-state area (and beyond) with knives, cutting boards and portable burners in tow bringing the message of sound food for a sound body, mind, spirit and planet to anyone who is willing to listen to us.


We believe how we deliver our message is as important as the message itself. Our teaching philosophy is meet people where they’re at and lead them to a new place. In our workshops we are tolerant of choices and beliefs that differ from our message. We provide examples anyone can relate to while we share a new point of view. We appeal to varied learning styles through hands-on experience, conversation, visuals, skits and role-play. We use familiar recipes to introduce new ingredients, thoughts and skills. We applaud even small changes because we understand every step is important. And, perhaps most importantly, we believe fun and laughter are two of our best teachers and medicines; all of our activities are interactive and full of life guffaws and good times.
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